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Only we can provide the entire Tesla model range for rental.

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Model 3
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About us

TESLA RENT- is a project that unites the Tesla owners and those who are just planning to buy a Tesla.

We have the largest Tesla rental park and only with us you can have an access to all the models, ranging from Model 3 to Model X. You can choose not only equipment but also the colour of the auto exterior and the interior as well.

We work in cities

  • Kyiv
  • Odesa
  • Dnipro
  • Lviv
  • We teach how to use an autumobile
  • 24/7
    ONLINE Assistance
  • The Auto will be totally equipped with all the necessary

Tesla Car Rental Catalogue

Tesla Model 3 Long Range
  • Battery75 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h5,4 s
Tesla Model 3 Performance M ( Exclusive Tuning Pack )
  • Battery75 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h3,4 s
Tesla Model 3 Performance
  • Battery75 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h3,4 s
Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
  • Battery75 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h4,4 s
Tesla Model S Black 100D
  • Battery100 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h4,4 s
Tesla Model S White 100D
  • Battery100 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h4,4 s
Tesla Model X White 75D
  • Battery75 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h4,5 s
Tesla Model X Grey 90D
  • Battery90 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h4,5 s
Tesla Model Y
  • Battery75 kW
  • Acceleration 100 km/h4,8 s

Price rent Tesla in Ukraine

  • Rental terms
  • 2 days
  • More than 3 day
  • More than 7 days
  • 20 days and more
  • TESLA Model 3
  • 160$
  • 140$
  • 115$
  • 90$
  • 1500$
  • TESLA Model 3
  • 180$
  • 160$
  • 140$
  • 120$
  • 1500$
  • TESLA Model 3
  • Hameleon PERFORMANCE
  • 225$
  • 205$
  • 180$
  • 150$
  • 2000$
  • TESLA Model 3
  • M — version PERFORMANCE
  • 275$
  • 250$
  • 230$
  • 200$
  • 2000$
  • TESLA Model Y
  • 240$
  • 220$
  • 200$
  • 190$
  • 2000$
  • TESLA Model S
  • S 90D / 100D
  • 200$
  • 190$
  • 170$
  • 130$
  • 1500$
  • TESLA Model X
  • 75 D
  • 275$
  • 240$
  • 220$
  • 200$
  • 2000$

* the prices are shown in USD dollars per one rental day, the payment is made in UAH ( hryvnas) at the NBU rate on the day of signing the agreement.

** to book a rental you should make a deposit in the amount of 1000 UAH (hryvnas) to ELMOB bank details from the renter’s bank card ( deposit is returned after the end of the rental).The automobile for rental is washed and charged to 80-90% of the battery capacity. If the automobile is retuned not fully charged or needs a wash the cost difference is paid at the rate of 9 UAH (hryvnas) per 1 kW up to fully charged battery and the washing cost 200-500 UAH(hryvnas) depending on the manager’s decision.

*** In case of purchasing an auto from ELMOB company within a year after the rental, we’ll reimburse up to 500 $ as a discount on the auto.

Rent a TESLA

Tesla rental allows you to feel all the power of a high-tech electric car and get one step closer to your dream goal.

From To

FAQ about Tesla electric car rental

It’s simple!

  1. You are more than 21 years old and you have more than two years of driving experience.
  2. Choose a model and equipment you are interested in. In case you have doubts or you don’t know which one to choose, contact our managers, they will help you to choose the best auto for you.
  3. Book an auto in the form listed on the website below. If you need an auto delivery or a personal driver,please, inform the manager.
  4. Send a photo of a passport, identification code (for citizens of Ukraine) and a driver's license to any of the messengers to prepare a rental agreement.
  5. At the time of giving the auto, the manager will instruct you and tell you everything you need to know using an electromobile for the first time.

Rental prices are listed on the website for each of the models and equipments. If you are not satisfied with the price, you will be offered a cheaper auto. If you are a corporate client and plan a long-term cooperation, we are ready to consider special conditions for YOU.

Preparing the auto for rent, we equip it with the necessary adapters for charging from public stations, as well as a charger for the home network.

Our managers, depending on where you plan to go, will tell you which public charging stations are best to use, how to understand their diversity and how to charge. If you have any questions during the rental period, we will be happy to help you to resolve them by phone or messenger.

As of 2021, there are already more than 3,500 charging stations in Ukraine. More than 600 of them are fast charging stations. In the Plug Share application you can see charging stations all around the world on the map and plan your route. Not all charging stations or sockets that charge autos are equally fast, and they differ greatly in price per kW(fuel for electromobiles).

  1. Cheap and long - home electrical network, the same socket you have at your home, exactly the one from which the refrigerator or microwave works.
  2. A bit faster, but also more expensive – Type 1, | Type 2 connectors using the appropriate adapters.
  3. Fast, but expensive… - high-speed stations ChaDemo or SuperCharger.

Short infographics of Tesla models, average run range and distance that the automobile will cover driving at different speeds

Model yearModelEPA highway dyno score at 48 mphAdver- tised EPA ratedRange that should be adver- tisedAdver- tised vs what it should30 min super charge range89 km/h97 km/h105 km/h113 km/h121 km/h129 km/h
2014Model S 60 19'443.0 km335 km310 km8%186 km385356327300276252
2016Model S 60 19'468.5 km338 km328 km3%217 km407376346317292267
2017Model S 60D 19"494.9 km351 km346 km1%229 km430397365335308282
2016Model S 70 19'473.7 km377 km332 km14%220 km412380350320295270
2016Model S 70D 19"525.9 km386 km368 km5%244 km457422388356328300
2016Model S 75 19'551.1 km401 km386 km4%220 km479442407373343314
2018Model S 75D 19"576.9 km417 km404 km3%230 km502463426390359329
2014Model S 85 19'560.9 km426 km393 km9%236 km488450414379349319
2015Model S 85D 19"608.9 km435 km426 km2%256 km530489449412379347
2015Model S P85D 21"557.4 km389 km390 km0%234 km485447411377347318
2015Model S P85D 19"578.9 km407 km405 km0%244 km504465427391361330
2016Model S 90D 19"652.1 km473 km456 km4%265 km567523481441406371
2016Model S P90D 19"614.5 km435 km430 km1%249 km535493453416383350
2018Model S 100D 19"732.8 km539 km513 km5%270 km637588541496456417
2018Model S P100D 19'696.7 km507 km488 km4%257 km606559514471434397
2017Model X 60D 20'445.6 km322 km312 km3%203 km382352324297273250
2018Model X 75D 20'531.1 km383 km372 km3%208 km455420386354326298
2017Model X 90D 20°576.1 km414 km403 km3%230 km493455419384353323
2017Model X P90D 20"554.0 km402 km388 km4%221 km474438402369340311
2018Model X 100D 20"668.4 km475 km468 km1%243 km572528486445410375
2018Model X P100D 20"659.9 km465 km462 km1%240 km565521479439405370
2018Model 3 LR 19'683.4 km499 km478 km4%277 km594548504462426389
2018Model 3 LR 18' -Aero731.7 km499 km512 km-3%296 km636587540495456417
2018Model 3 LR 18' +Aero763.9 km499 km535 km-7%309 km664613564517476435
2018Model 3 LRD 19"635.3 km499 km445 km12%257 km553510469430396362
2018Model 3 LRD 18"-Aero680.2 km499 km476 km5%275 km592546502460424387
2018Model 3 LRD 18" +Aero710.1 km499 km497 km0%287 km618570524480442404
2018Model 3 P 20"619.0 km499 km433 km15%250 km538497457419386353
2018Model 3 P 18" -Aero680.2 km499 km476 km5%275 km592546502460424387
2018Model 3 P 18" +Aero710.1 km499 km497 km0%287 km618570524480442404
2018Model 3 MR 19"596.8 km418 km418 km0%260 km519479440404372340
2018Model 3 MR 18" -Aero639.0 km418 km447 km-6%279 km556513472432398364
2018Model 3 MR 18" +Aero667.1 km418 km467 km-10%291 km580535492451416380
2018Model 3 SR 19"481.3 km354 km337 km5%210 km419386355325300274
2018Model 3 SR 18" -Aero515.3 km354 km361 km-2%225 km448414380348321294
2018Model 3 SR 18" +Aero538.0 km354 km377 km-6%235 km468432397364335306
2018Model 3 SRD 19"447.4 km346 km313 km10%195 km389359330303279255
2018Model 3 SRD 18"-Aero479.0 km346 km335 km3%209 km417384353324298273

It is worth noting that Tesla automobiles differ from traditional cars with ICE (internal combustion engines) primarily in weight, and if you plan to use the auto in the range of its maximum power - the actual mileage may be twice less than announced, but if you drive in Chill mode - you can drive on one charge from Kiev to Odessa or Lviv.

Economical driving style will provide braking by recuperation, speed up to 110 km / h (Normal wheel pressure and moderate use of heating or air conditioning, but this is not for sure).

Remark, the company that opened Tesla's first taxi in Dubai, retrained all its drivers after traditional cars, then they made a conclusion,"Our drivers started driving faster and more economically."

Dear visitors and clients! Today, ELMOB company is promoting the Tesla company, and especially the electric car - Tesla Model 3. This is due to the fact that this is the best electric car in the world in terms of price-quality ratio, and therefore we have the best service on the market for the purchase, maintenance and modification of these cars.

ELMOB Company has been presented on the electric vehicle market in Ukraine for more than one year. During our activity, we have listened to our clients, and we have always tried to provide the service of maximum quality . It was noticed (and this is natural) that, first of all, any future owner of an electromobile is interested in the following questions, connected with one main topic:

  • Is an electromobile suitable for me and my life rhythm?
  • Will the resource of one charge be enough to get to a beloved mother-in-law, to work, to drive to a cafe / cinema / summer cottage?
  • To take unplanned trips and slightly change a familiar route?
  • Will I be able to charge my automobile myself?
  • Are there any recharging points along YOUR regular route?
  • How long will it take for an sudden charge?
  • Is a regular electric network and socket suitable for this?
  • What to do in case of any emergency?

That is to say, in real life, to check whether this miracle eco electric car is right for me and to feel like a happy owner of Tesla Model 3 for a couple of days, which in the future will not only save your financial condition, but will also make a huge contribution to environmental protection that today is a problem for our society.

This is quite understandable and justified, because the topic of ecological transport still remains unsolved for the majority, and the force of inertia due to the habit of using gasoline cars does not make it easy to make the transition to the "green" level. The ELMOB company went to meet the interests of the client, took on quite serious risks (which is not unimportant) and prepared for you the "Electric car for rent" service to help you figure out how things are in the matter of owning and operating an electric car. ELMOB and its owner, Zakhar Pashun, have taken on such responsibility to create a solid and confident platform and provide their customers with the most comfortable conditions for you to make a decision about this investment in a "green" environmentally friendly future.


And by the way, many of our clients who rented an electric car from us made their choice towards an eco-friendly vehicle. You can see their feedback on the purchase and operation of an electric car on our Youtube channel ELMOB!


So, to summarize: Our ELMOB team has been listening carefully to your wishes and objections regarding the quality of work and services provided for a long time. Weighing all the "FOR" and "AGAINST" we have made every effort, time and money to offer you the most comfortable service; feel on yourself every detail and element of an electric vehicle; understand all the pros and cons of operation in practice and practice. We assure you that we have the most favorable conditions for renting Tesla in Ukraine! Renting a Tesla in Kiev will help you make your choice and feel all the advantages of this electric car.

The electric car rental service will give you the opportunity to answer all your questions and help us to raise our level of service. After all, the desire and opinion of the client is the law for us 😉 If you are ready to become the owner of an ecological car, call now by phone:067 818 84 80, order a test drive service, make sure of the reliability and convenience of an electric car and join the ELMOB family!

A full set of documents is attached to the auto that you rent, which complies with current Ukrainian legislation . One of them is a CASCO insurance policy from our Partner.It will provide security for YOU and US against any troubles that may arise while operating an electromobile during rental term. All the necessary documents from the moment of signing the agreement and handing over the keys and technical passport are in your hands for the whole rental term. And in any situation YOU can use them. In case of any troublesome situations, please immediately inform our managers by one of the phone numbers.